How Claims Operations Can Benefit with Digital Mailroom Partners

By MDI NetworX

Traditional mailroom solutions were put to the test by staggering claims applications and once again proved inadequate in keeping pace with growing member data during COVID-19. Moreover, maintaining an in-house mailroom solution requires significant physical space, dedicated staff, and regular equipment maintenance. It's time to look beyond traditional mailrooms. Healthcare payers are now looking to streamline their document and mailroom systems by partnering with digital mailroom solution providers.

A paper-intensive claims operations workflow can affect your business productivity, security, and ultimately customer experience. Healthcare and insurance companies with claim processing needs are also required to meet stringent regulatory standards. Here arises the need for enhanced digital mailroom solutions.

Why Digital Mailrooms Partner?

With an ever-growing healthcare market, healthcare payers are looking for a dedicated mailroom management services partner. A digital mailroom partner who can efficiently handle mailroom operations, such as data capture, claims intake, check handling & processing, image archiving, and other types of documents & data to streamline business workflow.

Today, payers need to partner with mailroom service providers that are technically proficient at ensuring mailroom automation while handling and scaling up during peaks without compromising data safety and security. Digitized mailrooms also provide top-notch data security while helping businesses stay compliant with necessary rules and regulations.

Take Advantage of Powerful Digital Mailroom Capabilities

Payer businesses can benefit in a multitude of ways by partnering with professional digital mailroom service providers. Some of the key benefits include:

Increased Efficiency

The first thing a digital mailroom can do for any healthcare payer is increasing efficiency. A dedicated digital mailroom partner can scale up mailroom tasks allowing claims operations to function more efficiently than an in-house solution. When a payer outsources mailroom operations to a dedicated service provider, they save a lot of time and money while automating many manual touchpoints involved in settling claims that would have slowed down the process if handled by the in-house staff. A digital mailroom partner can process hundreds of thousands of incoming documents & mail using far more efficient practices daily while reducing the processing time and overhead costs.

Smaller Footprint (Or Reclaimed Operations Space)

A dedicated digital mailroom partner will move operations outside your central location. Outsourcing mailroom operations will allow your business to free up physical space—previously occupied by the in-house staff—and repurpose it for other departments and functions. It also will enable organizations to condense their physical footprint for cost reduction.

Up-To-Date Technology

Digital mailrooms work using the most advanced technology and solutions, which means when a payer outsources mailroom operations, they get easy access to state-of-the-art technology to stay abreast with the industry trends. This is cost-effective, also implies the payer doesn't need to deal with any internal interruptions in claims operations or other business workflows.

No Employee Training

Recruitment and training of employees for current mailroom processes and best practices can be challenging, especially during peaks in mail volumes. The digital mailroom partner you choose will educate and provide hands-on training to their employees as the process requires that too without letting your business workflow processes get affected. Once the trained employees are well-versed with the mailroom automation process, you will notice an increase in their productivity and a considerable cost saving.

Increased Compliance

As compliance and regulations become more stringent, a dedicated digital mailroom partner can help ensure your claim operations meet all required regulatory standards. For example, compliance with HIPAA standards is essential for every healthcare program. A digital mailroom facility has to work based on concrete practices built on industry-compliant rules and regulations, saving payers from compliance risks that can lead to legal problems and massive fines if ignored.

More Data Security

The future of claims operations calls for higher accuracy and security. With traditional paper-based records, data security is at risk. It becomes crucial and challenging to maintain data security and integrity as the volume and variety of content expand across languages, formats, etc. Digital mailroom service providers bring advanced data security, helping payers to manage sensitive documents with information related to health, billing, or other personal details. They help prevent unauthorized data breaches by putting standardized protocols in place and providing password-protected accessibility. This ensures that sensitive information can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Streamlined Workflows

The claims audit processes are a crucial part of day-to-day claim operations. Payers outsourcing a digital mailroom solution can easily streamline claim audits and other aspects of claims processing like data capture. With fewer touchpoints and exceptions, payers can streamline workflows related to claims operation, leading to superior data management and member service. For instance, a professional digital mailroom partner can quickly and efficiently process the claims and bill pay documents within their secure systems and send them back to payer systems for authorized staff access. It will also make sure the claim payments are auto-deposited to the proper accounts on the target date. 

Lower Overhead Costs

With all the above benefits, payers can cut down business overhead costs. Since businesses don't have to spend on hiring and training new personnel, managing training materials, equipment costs and maintenance, related IT support, security systems, and more, the healthcare payer businesses can minimize overhead costs by being a partner with the digital mailroom service provider. 

When a payer business outsources its claims operations to digital mailroom service providers, it can get more time to improve its business operations while reallocating staff to spend more time in key business activities. Also, outsourcing your mailroom eases the burden of managing time-sensitive processes and service levels by the in-house payer staff.

Are you looking for a dedicated digital mailroom partner for your business? MDI NetworX delivers robust, industry-leading digital mailroom automation solutions to transform your document-intensive business workflows, ensuring secure, faster, more accurate, and more efficient claims operations. 

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