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No Surprises Act

Stay one step ahead and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape seamlessly.

Are you prepared for your directory challenges?

The newly-passed No Surprises Act 2022 provides a much-needed breather for patients caught in the crossfire of payment disputes between out-of-network healthcare providers and healthcare payers. However, the act, which came into effect recently in 2022, presents unexpected challenges to both healthcare providers and healthcare payers.

There is an urgent need to verify and update all provider directories with accurate information, with all new information being required to be updated within two working days compared to the earlier 30-day time period. Healthcare providers and payers must move at a rapid pace in order to fulfill this requirement within the stipulated short timeframe.

At MDI, we possess the skills set, the manpower, and the experience to help you manage the sheer volume of data and make this transition seamlessly.


How We Make It Work

As No Surprises Act experts, we combine our existing base of skilled manpower and years of extensive domain experience on various core administration platforms to help you quickly adapt to this changing healthcare landscape. We understand and anticipate the unique challenges of your transformation journey, and can proactively scale up our infrastructure to meet your fluctuating demands.

By partnering with us for your provider directory updates, you are assured of speed, quality, and secure delivery of crucial data in a cost-effective manner.

Take a moment to go through our resource section where our data-driven insights can help improve your operational efficiency through:
  • Receipt of a paper or EDI claim
  • Patient and provider validation
  • Eligibility confirmation
  • Application of custom rules/routing (e.g. custom flag actions, unique documentation requirements)
  • Claim cleanup and de-duplication
  • Adjudication (Approval, Denial, Pend)
  • Audit support and Reporting
  • Re-pricing

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Take a moment to go through our resource section where our data-driven insights can help improve your operational efficiency.

Are you worried about complying with the No Surprises Act?

All over United States, patients are welcoming the implementation of the No Surprises Act that comes into effect January 1, 2022. The bill, which was passed in December 2020.

Don't Be Surprised By the No Surprises Act

Under the No Surprises Act, which comes into effect from January 2022, patients are protected against unexpected bills since payment disputes will be handled between healthcare providers and payers.

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