The newly-passed No Surprises Act 2022 provides a much-needed breather for patients caught in the crossfire of payment disputes between out-of-network healthcare providers and healthcare payers. However, the act, which comes into effect from January 1, 2022, presents unexpected challenges to healthcare providers and health care payers, both.

There is an urgent need to verify and update all provider directories with accurate information, with all new information being required to be updated within two working days as against the earlier 30 day time period. Healthcare providers and payers must move at a rapid pace in order to fulfil this requirement within the stipulated short timeframe.

At MDI, we possess the skills set, the manpower and the experience to help you manage the sheer volume of data and make this transition seamlessly.

MDI Advantage

Domain expertise

Over 99% accuracy

Skilled manpower


Rapid Turnaround Time


As No Surprises Act experts, our existing base of skilled manpower, years of experience on various core administration platforms makes us the ideal partner to help you adapt to this changing healthcare landscape. We understand and anticipate the pain-points of your transformation journey, and can thus proactively scale up our infrastructure to meet your fluctuating demands.

By partnering with us for your provider directory updates, you are assured of speed, quality and secure delivery of crucial data, in a cost-effective manner.

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