Organizations in the managed care landscape previously faced a critical challenge that many weren't even aware of. Most organizations leverage multiple business functions, including claims operations. While several of those functions rely on the same data and information, the lack of a standard centralized database was consuming a significant number of man-hours and reducing efficiencies across the organization. Managed Care Organization Professional (MCO Pro) emerged after realizing that, while there were several tools that fulfilled the requirements in parts, there was no single application that brought all departments together under one standard interface. With MCO PRO, customers can expect real time tracking, shared data amongst all business units, better collaboration, and greater savings in repricing services.

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Examiners spend precious hours from their tight schedule on administrative tasks that can be automated, thus freeing them to prioritize critical aspects of their claims operations.

What makes MCO PRO a preferred solution?

Stopwatch representing healthcare real-time tracking for efficient claims operations.
Real Time Tracking

With MCO PRO, you can have multiple systems under one product, managed in real time. Stay on top of claims by tracking real-time inbound and outbound connections and file transfers within all departments.

Expanding box symbolizing scalability in PPO routing for healthcare efficiency.
Scalable Architecture

One-size doesn't fit all. Hence, the fully scalable architecture of MDI MCO PRO that helps in easy customization as per your exact business and operational needs.

Blueprint symbolizing scalability in PPO routing for healthcare efficiency.
Ease Of Implementing

Our new solution can be implemented rapidly, without interrupting your current operations. Once the solution has been customized to your needs and is installed, it can be ready to go in less than an hour.

Rotating clock symbolizing a reduction in turnaround time during claims operations.
Reduce Turnaround Time

With MCO PRO, your operations don’t need to wait for all entities to re-route the claim. The solution will aid in significantly reducing time lag and enable transferring claims faster to auto-adjudication.

Implementation illustration representing an automatic workflow for claims operations.
Achieve Greater Efficiency

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to automatic workflows. With MCO PRO, all claims to and from PPOs and non-PPOs are routed automatically using a routing rules engine, thus raising efficiency and productivity to an all-time high.

MCO PRO is Your Answer to Speedier Operations

Integration With All Departments

With our tool, all business departments have access to all databases, thus enabling faster, more accurate, and hassle-free movement of claims among all entities.

Centralized Data Management

Get a single window glance into the complete PPO routing process, including inbound and outbound connections. Draw better, measurable insights to aid the claims process.

Open Communication

Reduce miscommunication and delayed claims processing with open, seamless communication between all departments using smart PPO routing for healthcare.

Easy Integration

Improve the performance of your operations by easily configuring new business functions that can easily be integrated into your existing processes. Track performance and monitor operations effortlessly.

Single Standard Interface

Our single solution interface has been designed to recognize and support all file formats, including electronic (.edi) and non-electronic (.txt, .csv, .xml, .xlsx) for the purpose of repricing services.

Lower Development Cost

The one scalable and easily configurable solution that saves costs, not just by minimizing manual effort and time, but by lowering development costs associated with multiple solutions.

Single Repository

Get the cloud advantage. Eliminate the need for unnecessary paperwork and maintain all claims data securely in a single location.

At MDI, we are committed to helping you. By partnering with us, you can expect to see quantifiable results like:

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