InsightPro is your gateway to greater agility and improved productivity. We apply the latest technologies to offer you a solution that can help your organization reach its full potential. This customizable and efficient performance management tool is easy to deploy and can help optimize daily operations, quality, and training. Give your workforce operations the advantage of complete transparency in overall process efficiency, resource performance, inventory management optimization, productivity improvement, and aging analysis.

How Can
We Help You?

Examiners spend precious hours from their tight schedule on administrative tasks that can be automated, thus freeing them to prioritize critical aspects of their claims operations.

What makes InsightPro
the preferred choice for Healthcare Payers?

Improve Focus Time

InsightPro enables the optimal use of your resources. With our robust process documentation ability and the capture of tribal knowledge, we ensure your team’s time is utilized efficiently, minimizing unnecessary interruptions, and reducing queries.

Improve Overall Quality

With InsightPro, you have greater visibility and control over your operations, and can thus reduce the chances of human error. The tool allows you to identify and prevent the occurrence of errors in real-time, helping improve the overall accuracy of processes in your claims operations.

Better Communication

Teams will no longer work in silos and there will be improved communication across your organization using efficient workflows. This seamless communication across various departments will result in quicker resolutions and improve customer satisfaction.

Improve Efficiencies

Your operational efficiency will surpass expectations once you deploy InsightPro throughout your business. The resulting improved workforce management is simply an offshoot of targeted work assignment, as well as real time inventory management and production monitoring.

Enhance Productivity

Measurable and real-time data at your fingertips allows you to manage and boost organizational productivity. In the hands of the key decision makers, this data can be used to make real-time changes to the overall operational productivity.

Improve Business Processes with InsightPro

Automatic Work Distribution

Reduce the hassle of manual work distribution and make resource work distribution effortless and efficient.

Query Resolution

AI is put to good use to enable real time query resolution, thanks to MDI Guru, our virtual InsightPro assistant.

Robust Rebuttal Process

Real-time error notification reduces the cycle time of the rebuttal process, thus enabling faster and smarter decision-making with the end-to-end audit and rebuttal mechanisms.

Training Need Analysis

You will receive customized and targeted feedback on individual training needs based on each examiner’s performance. These auto-updates can be scheduled for specific areas of training and improvement.

Integration with Claims Platform

The product integrates seamlessly with your existing claims platform through APIs and direct connection.

Enhanced Production Planning and Control

SLA-breach alerts make production planning easier and also give better control over production.

Automatic Quality Sampling

Dynamic stratified sampling keeps a check on quality through targeted sampling of processes, people, or guidelines.

Dashboards & Analytics

Real-time access to key performance indicators and business metrics that allow for smarter, data-driven decisions that are based on actionable insights.

Automatic Notifications

You can set up automated process alerts to notify the examiner of the possibility of errors to prevent repeat mistakes. The product receives real-time updated instructions and potential alerts to reduce errors and improve the overall quality.

At MDI, we are committed to helping you. By partnering with us, you can expect to see quantifiable results like:

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