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At MDI NetworX, we have been helping healthcare payers and TPAs with their digital mailroom requirements through technological solutions that have the capability to cater to their on-site as well as off-site needs. With our focus on HIPAA compliant tools and processes, the US healthcare insurance organizations have benefited from our digital mailroom management solution

We capitalize on our inhouse tools and software, including custom intelligent document capture software (Golem), online image indexing tool (DocGem), and workflow management systems (InsightPRO), along with industry leading scanning equipment to transform thousands of paper documents every day into digital products. Irrespective of the size of your organization, this digital mailroom management solution can convert raw data into a digital product and deliver it immediately to the appropriate teams in your organization in a secured fashion

How we make it work

At MDI Networx, we tailor our solutions to create a custom digital mailroom that is flexible and can easily adapt itself to your unique requirements. Our vast experience spans processing and converting the complete range of claims forms, including CMS1500 and UB04, RX claims, Medicaid claims, foreign claims, superbills, dental and vision claims. When you opt for our digital mailroom management solution, you are assured a highly efficient and accurate paper claims to EDI conversion process. Moreover, with manual data entry eliminated, you can expect fewer errors and substantially reduced operating costs

Take a moment to go through our resource section where our data-driven insights can help improve your operational efficiency
  • Receipt of a paper or EDI claim
  • Patient and provider validation
  • Eligibility confirmation
  • Application of custom rules/routing (e.g. custom flag actions, unique documentation requirements)
  • Claim cleanup and de-duplication
  • Adjudication (Approval, Denial, Pend)
  • Audit support and Reporting
  • Re-pricing

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Take a moment to go through our resource section where our data-driven insights can help improve your operational efficiency

Digitization holds the key to improve claims management

Healthcare payers across the globe have been fiercely hit by the pandemic and its continued aftermath. Add to that the complex layers of claims management and health payers will admit that they are at an inflection point.

How Claims Operations Can Benefit with Digital Mailroom Partners

It's time to look beyond traditional mailrooms. Healthcare payers are now looking to streamline their document and mailroom systems by partnering with digital mailroom solution providers.

Enabling healthcare payers to gain an edge in today's complex, ever-evolving healthcare industry

MDI NetworX provides fully scalable, end-to-end digital mailroom and document services for healthcare payers across the US fully tailored to their business needs.

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