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Data Capture

We are reinventing data capture by unlocking the potential of technology-driven processes.

Can improved data capture give you a competitive edge?

Healthcare payers will notice a measurable difference in their data capture operations when they capitalize on our AI-ML enabled advance Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) based tool, Golem. Our tool will simplify operations and bring greater efficiency to your claims operations by automating and optimizing data capture within the claims processing workflow. We are committed to helping enhance productivity and increase accuracy in your claims processes, and using Golem can significantly aid your processes through accurate extraction of business-critical data from scanned documents.

How We Make It Work

MDI’s digital data capture service brings to you the same benefits as manual data entry, but with significant distinct advantages. This automated tool captures all text-based data from claim forms and records, organizing each piece of data in the corresponding database field in the electronically exchangeable format. The entire process is faster, costs you less, and reduces the likelihood of errors to a large degree.

MDI NetworX’s OCR/ICR technology-based Golem tool is compatible with all types of claim forms, including CMS 1500, UB04, Rx Claim, Medicaid Claim, Foreign Claim and Dental Claim, among other forms

MDI Advantage

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Data Capture Best Practices for Ensuring Data Quality and Accuracy

To provide the very best to our patients, data quality and accuracy cannot be overstated. Informed decision-making, precise diagnostics, and personalized patient care heavily rely on reliable data.

Why Intelligent data capture scores higher than OCR?

Medical claims processing involves scanning and analyzing a countless number of documents every day, with each document containing numerous fields and thus, thousands of characters. The task is further complicated by the many formats in which the data arrives in the system. As a result, capturing and recording this data accurately continues to be a challenge for healthcare payers, impeding their ability to implement reliable workflow decision-making.

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