About Us

Providing technology-enabled end-to-end services across
the claims value chain since 2014.

At MDI NetworX, we are committed to delivering exceptional business management services to healthcare payers. We work with our clients to help reduce operational costs, increase first-pass adjudication rates and enhance customer service. We capitalize on our vast industry experience and are continually developing new technologies to overcome evolving business challenges. Our focus is on developing newer, better ideas to provide innovative solutions that better serve our customers.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to building a better world by advancing social impact
and creating a sustainable future.

Meet Our Leaders

Our team maximizes value for stakeholders with our ‘Digital First, Digital Now’ strategy.

Our Story

Two decades ago, we set off upon a journey to help businesses in the healthcare insurance domain to transform their business operations. Over the years, we have let our proven experience, innovative ideas, talented workforce and futuristic approaches to business challenges define our growth trajectory.

The result has been a suite of innovative products and solutions that has the potential to impact your bottom-line and help you drive better operations - giving you a competitive edge.

Meet Our Leaders and Team

Our executive leadership team is committed to giving you an edge in the competitive healthcare insurance landscape. Each individual brings years of rich experience to the table, and the collective expertise will give your business the power to confidently forge ahead.

Brij Sharma


Tilak Sharma

President & CEO

Partha Bose


Jeff Cook

VP Product and Sales

Alpana Sharma


Pramod Ramakrishna

VP US Operations

Rajeev Pande

VP Client Accounts & Transitions

Shawn Fernandes

AVP - SaaS Quality Product Consultant

Sera James

Sr Director – SaaS Claims Product Consultant

Emma Johnson

AVP - SaaS CSR Product Consultant

Awards and Certificates

We are continually striving to improve by bettering our processes, and our numerous certifications are testimony to these endeavors.

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