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Continual innovation is the hallmark of our products. Our products emerge from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare payers today with a suite of proven solutions geared to tackle those challenges head on.

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Explore MDI’s products designed to manage all payer processes.


This customizable tool is designed to enhance efficiency and performance
across your operations.        

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RevEx is an advanced Revenue Cycle Management platform crafted to streamline and optimize healthcare billing processes.

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As a frontend claims processing solution, Golem offers an elegant interface for a
seamless backend workflow.

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Using automation, this tool handles the critical task of record access, confidentiality, workflow distribution, and reporting.

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This fully-automated PPO routing and repricing application performs its tasks efficiently and with complete transparency, which can be accessed any time during the claim process.

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The tool displays the comparison of fees such as schedule variance and flat fee, case rate variance, etc. With a single click, healthcare payers can get the comparison of different fees variance.

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