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Member Enrollment

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For healthcare providers, the right customer experience is key to gaining a competitive edge. This is most critical during open enrollment and annual enrollment, when healthcare carriers, employers and providers face their biggest and most unique challenges. The sheer numbers of new members compressed in short time frames puts tremendous pressure on internal operations and tests existing infrastructural capabilities.

Healthcare organizations must strive to not just meet these challenges, but to also deliver customer experiences that will satisfy and delight new and existing members at every interaction. The level of support and the experience that you provide to each member during this process plays a key role in setting expectations for the rest of the year. We offer revolutionary member enrollment solutions and products to help your organization overcome these challenges and improve overall customer experiences.

How We Make It Work

At MDI NetworX, we utilize our over 2 decades of healthcare management experience to bring in-depth knowledge and expertise to your member enrollment process in US healthcare. We are among the pioneers of healthcare outsourcing in India, and our experience in managing some of the biggest healthcare payers in the US makes us your ideal partner for your enrollment needs. This expertise spans geographies, industries, and functions. We assure you positive engagements with your new members as they go through the enrollment process.

We put to use our knowledge in the contact center, claims adjudication, premium billing, enrollment processing, reconciliation, mailroom, print, and back office in the areas of provider and member services to offer you a solution for your open enrollment needs, regardless of the population type.

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