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When healthcare payers are required to handle the critical data of countless customers, it becomes imperative to choose a solution that meets and surpasses the standard requirements of security and confidentiality. DocGem is a simple, affordable, feature-rich, multi-user, browser-based integrated document storage and workflow management system that meets file security protocols as specified by HIPAA and HITECH. Our solution is easy to use and it integrates seamlessly within your existing claims processing operations. Actions, such as record access, workflow distribution, and reporting are handled efficiently and securely by our solution.

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What advantages do healthcare payers get with DocGem?

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA and HITECH standards of security are maintained to ensure data and file security is never compromised. Healthcare payers are also assured there is no data loss or theft while it is being electronically transferred from one device to another.

Disaster Recovery

Automatic regular data backups ensure seamless data consolidation and rapid disaster recovery. In the unfortunate event of a breach, downtime is minimum and your claims operations can spring back quickly.

Open Architecture

The open-ended architecture of the solution can be customized to suit your exact requirements. Fully-scalable, our solution can quickly adapt to your evolving business needs.

Easy Storage and Retrieval

A consolidated file server simplifies file storage and makes file retrieval much easier. There are no restrictions on file types, and managing, storing and retrieving records, documents, and images is quick and painless. Data integrity is maintained through user and group access control that assigns permission only to authenticated personnel. Additionally, all changes can be tracked easily for
audit purposes.

Cost Savings

Since most tasks on our solution platform are automated, it eliminates the need for human input. Your team is freed from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus their time and attention to more critical areas. This ultimately improves productivity and also helps save you money.

DocGem Enhances Efficiencies in Your Operations


Adherence to industry standard security protocols provides administrators with secure and immediate access to all records from any Internet-enabled PC.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Speed up data entry processes and reduce the possibility of human error with the solution’s optical character recognition feature that eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Duplicate Records

Digitization of records authenticates all data and prevents the creation of duplicated entries. Any accidental duplicate data is immediately identified and eliminated.

Single Repository

In their digitized format, all documents are stored in one location, thus eliminating the possibility of lost paperwork. This reduces wasted time and effort in locating documents, while also enhancing productivity.

Audit Trail

With the audit trail feature, your team can track all claims and corresponding documents at any point during claim processing. The audit trail also includes a full report of each user involved in the claim.


Detailed and thorough indexing of the solution empowers all team members to search and instantly retrieve documents using
just keywords.

Version Control

You can retain and retrieve multiple revisions of a document along with its current version. This gives administrators a handy reference in case they wish to consult or revert to an earlier version.

Automated Workflow

Pre-determined processes and automated workflow solutions eliminate the physical handling and shuffling of paper documents. This results in faster processes and enhanced productivity.

Ease of Installation

Our solution is easy to deploy and integrates seamlessly with your current workflow system. A quick and easy training session can bring users up to speed and get them to adopt the tool almost immediately in their daily work.

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