Claims Administration

Adopt tech-driven claims management processes to optimize resources, manage scalability and reduce costs.

Are you looking to improve your claims management processes?

Quick turnaround times and enhanced claims management is critical to gaining a competitive edge in the healthcare insurance marketplace. Our commitment and confidence to providing outsourced Claim Administration services to US Payers and TPAs comes from our propriety frontend claims management tool, Golem and performance and resource management tool, InsightPro. We work with our clients to develop custom rules and automated workflows to meet your unique requirements. Our trained claims processors and analysts are always on standby to provide manual support for any exceptions other than non-auto adjudicated claims.

Leverage our end-to-end support for the entire claims process - from receipt (paper or EDI) through scrubbing, member/provider matching & verification, adjudication and adjustment - and leave your people free to focus on their core operational areas.

How We Make It Work

Reinvent your claims processing operations and improve efficiencies with MDI’s highly scalable infrastructure. We are always seeking to add to our adjudication knowledge, and our proven capability to process all types of claims (including CMS1500, UB04, Rx, Dental and all Non-Standard Claim forms) has proven successful for our clients.

With this comprehensive outsourced solution, your company’s claims processing needs are handled responsibly through:
  • Receipt of a paper or EDI claim
  • Patient and provider validation
  • Eligibility confirmation
  • Re-pricing
  • Adjudication (Approval, Denial, Pend)
  • Claim cleanup and de-duplication
  • Audit support and Reporting
  • Application of custom rules/routing (e.g. custom flag actions, unique documentation requirements)

MDI Advantage

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