Member Enrollment

Streamlined. Efficient. Scalable.

Improved business efficacies

The best of healthcare businesses can buckle under the influx of member data that floods them during open enrollment and annual enrollment. The volume of that data that needs to be processed in a short time only adds more pressure to existing operations and an already overburdened infrastructure. Whether you’re a healthcare carrier, employer, or provider, there is a definite need for a streamlined system that can handle this process flawlessly.

At MDI NetworX, we have spent years helping businesses such as yours perfect the art of enrollment. We deploy our workflow management tool that can help you streamline the enrollment process, and thus move you closer to your objective of achieving greater business efficiencies. When you choose to include workflow management to your enrollment process, you are choosing an opportunity to herald significant improvement in your business operations.

With the MDI NetworX workflow management tool, businesses in the healthcare payer domain can expect a range of advantages. The tool is scalable, allowing them to harness its capabilities according to their exact need. The intelligent meld of robotics and machine learning offers the unique advantage of speeding up the process without compromising on accuracy. With reduced human actions, healthcare payers will also benefit from significant cost savings while enjoying much simplified enrollment processes.

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