MDI NetworX Revolutionizes Workforce Management for Payers with Launch of Dedicated InsightPro Website

Baltimore, MD – April 23, 2023 —MDI NetworX, a leader in business management services, today announced the public launch of InsightPro, a groundbreaking workforce analytics platform tailor-made for the healthcare payer industry. InsightPro is the first platform of its kind to leverage AI and machine learning (AI/ML) to empower payers to radically improve operational efficiencies and optimize workforce performance.

InsightPro's suite of integrated solutions tackles the most critical challenges in payer operations:

  • Claims Solutions: InsightPro's intelligent workload distribution, advanced production planning, and real-time analytics give payers unprecedented control and accuracy in claims processing.
  • QA Solutions: Multi-level audits, real-time error feedback, and powerful trend analysis tools provide robust quality assurance, driving measurable improvements.
  • Contact Center Solutions: Intuitive call management, cross-departmental collaboration, and integrated call history enhance customer service experiences and increase First Call Resolution (FCR) rates.

"Payers are facing immense pressure to reduce costs, stay compliant, and deliver exceptional member experiences," said Tilak Sharma, President & CEO of MDI NetworX. "InsightPro was developed from the ground up to address these needs. Its AI/ML capabilities give payers unparalleled insights and real-time control to gain a competitive edge in a dynamic healthcare environment."

InsightPro's AI-powered features streamline complex processes, reduce administrative burdens, and offer actionable data for decision-making. The result? Payers can realize significant cost savings along with enhanced compliance and improved customer satisfaction.

About InsightPro

InsightPro, powered by MDI NetworX, is a first-of-its-kind AI/ML enabled workforce analytics platform built specifically for payers, committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions to health plans, benefit administrators, and TPAs to help them reduce operational costs, increase first-call resolution, and improve customer service. Learn more at

About MDI NetworX

MDI NetworX is a leading global provider of business management solutions, committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions to health plans, benefit administrators, and networks to help them reduce operational costs, increase first-pass adjudication rates, and improve customer service. Learn more at 


Adrian Maynard