Expediting claim processing with increased accuracy and less effort using OCR/ICR

By MDI NetworX

MDI NetworX utilizes high-definition scanning in combination with OCR/ICR data capture technology to accurately extract business-critical data from paper-based documents to expedited the claim processing. Our intelligent, technology enabled approach seamlessly works with manual data entry for verification resulting in the elimination of data ambiguity and improved data integrity while meeting the payer's unique requirements and changing healthcare industry standards.

While healthcare costs continue to rise, the healthcare industry is seeking new avenues of operational efficiency and cost reduction for some of its labor-intensive tasks. Part of the insurance claims cycle, the data entry process presents a big challenge to the healthcare payers. Even today, many healthcare payers rely on in-house staff to manually key in data from paper claim forms, which is not only expensive and labor-intensive but also prone to transcription errors. 

Many healthcare payers use some level of “antiquated” OCR technology to process paper claims, but working with an inefficient or undertrained in-house staff can turn an allegedly automated OCR workflow into an error-prone and costly manual data entry nightmare. 

Today, healthcare payers are looking to outsource the data entry process in claims processing for greater cost efficiency and accuracy to achieve speedy processing and a higher auto-adjudication rate. Healthcare payers need technology-equipped outsourcing partners who can ensure quality and accuracy in paper claim processing while keeping the administrative costs low. 

MDI NetworX robust and flexible OCR and data entry service enables healthcare payers to turn paper-based claims into electronic information for faster processing, higher accuracy, and easier management of the healthcare claims processing workflow.

MDI NetworX simplifies data capturing from scanned documents for healthcare payers by using a comprehensive, technologically-advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) based GOLEM tool. This intelligent OCR/ICR-enabled tool automates and optimizes data capturing within the claim processing workflow, thereby enhancing productivity, increasing accuracy, and improving timeliness. Using the iCapture tool enables us to accurately extract business-critical data from scanned physical documents in the digitized, business-ready form. 

This data digitizing tool electronically captures all text-based data printed on scanned images of various types of claim forms. Every field on the claim form is mapped in rows and columns so that the data picked from a particular field on the form is automatically stored in the corresponding database field in an electronically exchangeable format. The iCapture tool is comparable to keying in the text by hand but only less costly and much faster than a typical office worker. 

MDI NetworX’s OCR/ICR technology-based iCapture tool comes pre-configured for the processing of various types of medical forms. It can read all the fields in the CMS 1500 (formerly HCFA 1500), UB04, Rx claim, Medicaid Claim, foreign Claim, dental claim forms, and others to optimize healthcare claim processing workflow.

Once the data-capture is complete, all the scanned documents and its corresponding data captured by the iCapture tool are sent to data entry operators for data validation. The captured data is then verified and checked for the elimination of errors like double printing, printing mistakes, alignment issues, data in the wrong column, etc. during the automatic data capture. MDI NetworX uses GOLEM to automate the data entry workflow/process and verify the accuracy of data captured by the iCapture tool. 

Why choose MDI NetworX’ OCR and data entry for healthcare paper claim processing?

  • Higher productivity by facilitating quick data access
  • Single point of entry for all documents types
  • Superior data accuracy with role-based access
  • Searchable form of text makes information retrieval easy
  • Reduced manual interference results in reduced errors and inaccuracies
  • Leverage resources to work on higher-value tasks
  • Simple adherence to compliance requirements

MDI NetworX's robust and highly scalable OCR/ICR technology-based iCapture tool saves you time and money by automating the data capture process for paper-based claims. It guarantees improved clarity and efficiency in claims processing while ensuring a faster turnaround time and HIPAA compliance.

You should not have to choose between accuracy and functionality. Choosing our OCR and Data Entry services increases functionality without adding administrative burdens and inefficiencies.

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