Why Outsourcing Healthcare Contact Center Services Is the Way Forward

By Kiran Datar - Operations Manager, Provider Call Center

Healthcare contact center services are vital to healthcare organizations as they provide 24/7 support to patients. Healthcare call center operations include appointment scheduling, patient education, and answering medical questions. Outsourcing healthcare contact center services is becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits it offers to healthcare organizations.

Improved Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing healthcare contact center services can help organizations save money in several ways. First, being able to outsource minimizes the need to hire and train additional employees, which can save on recruitment and training costs. Outsourcing can also help reduce overhead costs like rent, utilities, and equipment. Finally, outsourcing can help prevent some staff turnover costs.

According to Market Research Engine, the global Healthcare BPO market is expected to grow to $36.60 billion by 2028, which shows how valuable outsourced services have become.

Access to Expertise and Technology

By outsourcing healthcare contact center services, you may also benefit from access to specialized knowledge, skills, and equipment. Most providers have experienced staff who are trained to handle complex medical inquiries, in addition to using the latest technology and software. This ensures that patient information is kept secure and up-to-date.

Healthcare Contact center companies can provide healthcare organizations with real-time data analytics to identify trends in patient calls, helping organizations improve their services and operations.

Increased Flexibility and Scalability

Having your healthcare call centers outsourced can provide flexibility in staffing and services offered. Depending on the number of patient inquiries, organizations can choose to scale up or down. Services can also be customized according to their specific needs.

For example, an organization can increase the number of staff during peak hours to ensure that patients' calls are answered promptly, but can decrease the number of staff during off-peak hours to save on costs.

Improved Quality of Service

By using outsourced healthcare contact center services, you could help improve the quality of patient care. Many providers have staff who are expertly trained to provide fantastic customer service. There are systems in place to ensure that all calls are answered quickly and efficiently while meeting the current standard of healthcare contact center trends.

Outsourcing contact center services can result in an increase in patient satisfaction due to the prompt and accurate responses patients receive from the outsourcing provider, with an ROI of at least 3 to 1, according to ResearchGate.

Risk Mitigation

Outsourcing healthcare contact center services can help mitigate risks associated with providing medical advice to patients. The providers have systems to ensure that patient information is confidential and secure, and to ensure that compliance is being met according to state and federal regulations.

Outsourcing providers can assist with HIPAA compliance by using secure data storage systems.


Outsourcing healthcare contact center services is the way forward for healthcare organizations that want to stay competitive. The benefits of outsourcing include improved cost efficiency, access to expertise and technology, increased flexibility and scalability, improved quality of service, and risk mitigation. Outsourcing providers can help healthcare organizations save money, improve patient satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

Therefore, healthcare organizations should consider outsourcing their contact center services to experienced and reputable healthcare call center outsourcing companies such as MDI NetworX to achieve these benefits and stay ahead in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape.

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