InsightPro Powers the Future of Claims Workforce Analytics: Planned Administrators Partners with MDI NetworX for AI-Driven Efficiency

BALTIMORE, MD – April 3, 2024 — MDI NetworX, a leading provider of healthcare business management services, today announced a partnership with Planned Administrators, Inc. (PAI) to implement InsightPro (, an AI-powered workforce analytics platform, to streamline PAI's claims and quality operations for superior client service.

InsightPro's advanced automation and intelligent analytics will empower PAI to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare industry. The platform's AI capabilities will drive operational excellence, allowing PAI to focus on delivering personalized, high-quality service to clients and members.

"We're thrilled to partner with PAI and help them embrace the power of AI in healthcare workforce analytics," said Tilak Sharma, President and CEO of MDI NetworX. "InsightPro will transform their claims and quality operations and position them as leaders in client service."

"This partnership with MDI underscores our commitment to innovation," added George Stiles, President of PAI. "InsightPro's AI-driven insights will enhance transparency and accountability in our claims and quality operations which will allow us to provide unparalleled value to our clients.”

“InsightPro is a game-changer,” said Kerri Flowers, VP of Operations at PAI. “The platform’s automation capabilities will free up our team from mundane admin tasks, allowing them to focus on delivering the exceptional service our clients expect.”

This strategic partnership highlights both MDI NetworX and Planned Administrators' dedication to driving innovation in claims administration.

About MDI NetworX

MDI NetworX is a leading global provider of business management solutions, committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions to health plans, benefit administrators, and networks to help them reduce operational costs, increase first-pass adjudication rates, and improve customer service. Learn more at 

About Planned Administrators, Inc.

PAI is a nationally licensed TPA, delivering flexible solutions across group health plans, ancillary products, and P&C programs, and offering innovative approaches to support client partners. We currently provide administrative services for both traditional self-funded accounts, as well as providing business process outsourcing solutions for regional and national businesses.



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