Manager - Operations


Managers at MDI have the responsibility to handle large team size with multiple clients & LOBs. They need to ensure their direct team AMs & DMs understand the dynamics of their role and align their efforts to ensure deliverables are met. They need to take the role of a mentor and guide for both their directs and indirect teams.


**Experience in US Healthcare (Claims Adjudication) operations is mandatory.

· Process

1. Managing the service delivery schedules and commitments as specified in the statement of work.

2. Monitoring and managing support functions to ensure optimal service delivery meeting the service line agreements.

3. Having a good knowledge in US health care. Handled a span of 35+ resources.

4. Identifying training needs and organizing training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of team members

5. Maintaining high performance levels for service-related processes

6. Managing scope, time, quality, and budget with effective communications.

7. Responsible for end-to-end delivery by building the team of required skillsets along with best practices and standards. Be the leader of service delivery team Advising and coaching team members continuously.

8. Being part of program teams, help in resolving project issues and mitigating the risks with effective project management strategies and collaboration by being the face of MDI.

9. Understanding the inter-dependability of workstreams, features and the impact of changes.

10. To take all such actions ensuring continually exceeding SLA’s

11. Improve /prepare Production plan’s that ensure TAT compliance.

12. To review & improve trends of statistical data for client satisfaction (including SLA’s), productivity & accuracy, volumes, efficiencies.

13. To ensure adherence to Organizational objectives, policies & procedures.

· People

1. Perform periodic skip level to gauge level of employee engagement.

2. Reaching out to upline in case he/she is not able to assist in resolving any people related concerns.

· Initiative

1. Coordinate with concerned department such as quality, admin, HR, Product delivery etc for smooth functioning of processes.

2. Identify and work on process improvement opportunities to improve productivity and quality standards.

3. Motivate and engage team to identify automation opportunities to improve existing processes.

Floor level initiatives to improve employee satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.