Tech Services

Application and Product development is a process of analyzing, designing and development which is followed by implementation and maintenance. Based on the client & market requirements, MDI NetworX develops application / products for clients. We have a significant experience in designing, program implementation and software solutions. We also have a wide range of services available from product design and development to product support and enhancements. In continuation, we provide product implementation and maintenance either remotely or at the end customers site.

Our focused strength is in providing solutions for the healthcare and insurance vertical space. We can provide you with access to a broad range of scalable, specialized technical skills and equipment. This “on-demand” capability gives you the ability to respond to last minute projects of short duration-mitigating.

Services & products include:

Claim Processing Solution (C-Golem)
  • Processing of all type of paper claims
  • Parsing of EDI, .CSV, Tab Separated files into Database
  • Image Generation of EDI, .CSV, Tab Separated files
  • Member and Provider Matching
  • PPO Routing
  • Indexing
  • Generation of EDI (4010 / 5010) files
  • Generation of customized outputs
Document & Workflow Mgt (DocGem)
  • Electronic document management / storage / retrieval
  • Electronic workflow management / decision support
  • Online Indexing
Software, Hosting & Programming
  • Software development services
  • Programming services
  • Database expertise
  • Microsoft .NET expertise
  • Technical expertise in Data Warehousing, Analytics