MDI NetworX draws on deep product development expertise to create healthcare insurance focused products by working closely with the healthcare insurance operations team. An exhaustive knowledge of various technologies, healthcare domain, designing & implementation and programing enables us to provide end to end software solutions and services.

There is a sharp and mature application development process that comprises of the complete software development life cycle (business requirement analysis, application definition, application design, test, implementation and support) of an application. Having an excellent domain expertise helps us to build innovative products rapidly as per client requirement. Specialized products developed for healthcare insurance domain include the following

Claims Golem - Claims Management Solution

  • Processing of all type of paper claims
  • Parsing of EDI, .CSV, Tab Separated files into Database
  • Image Generation of EDI, .CSV, Tab Separated files
  • Member and Provider Matching
  • PPO Routing
  • Generation of EDI (4010 / 5010) files
  • Generation of customized outputs

DocGem - Document & Workflow Management Solution

  • Electronic document management/storage/retrieval
  • Electronic workflow management/decision support
  • Online Indexing
  • Customized solutions