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Magic AlgorClaims Scrubbing System


Magic Algor assists Payers in identifying and recovering overpayments made to healthcare providers.

We apply various algorithm and rules to identify potential overpayment claims. MDI also provides audit review and adjustment services for all such claims. With the combination of our technology and audit capabilities, we have helped Payers recover anywhere between $1 MM to $10 MM annually depending upon their membership base. In addition, we provide Payers with various trend analyses to uncover malpractices, if any. These trend analyses help control fraud and abuse and result in large savings.

Our recovery services are on a contingency basis, meaning our payment is solely dependent on the realizations or offset remittances successfully received from providers.

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Increase Acceptance Rate

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Identify Overpayment Claims

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Quantify Recovery Amount

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Perform Trend Analysis

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Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse



Healthcare reform and rising costs are pushing payers to reduce under/overpayment errors (to reduce resubmission) and improve claims accuracy. Magic Algor with following features helps you do that:


  • Scrubbing - Ingestion of claims data from various claims platform to run predefined as well as custom algorithm

  • User-Friendly - Helps present data in a user-friendly format

  • Analytics - Perform various trend analysis to highlight malpractices and get other insights

  • Training - Minimal training required for associates with the user-friendly, flexible interface

  • Scalability - Highly scalable and configurable technology architecture designed for growth

  • Recovery - Identify claims with potential overpayment and drive their collection

  • Efficiency - Identify malpractices; reduce fraud, waste, and abuse

  • Pay-for-Performance - Contingency pricing model; strong upside potential with zero downsides

  • Reporting - Generate reports with meaningful insights for appropriate management action

  • Savings - Easily calculates savings and overall financial impact to the bottom line



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