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Icapture Optical Character recognition (OCR) Technology


All health insurance operations receive information from multiple sources in both paper and electronic formats. However, irrespective of the source, it is critical that both data and documents be available in an electronically exchangeable format.

ICapture helps in accomplishing this using our in-house OCR enabled technology.

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Extract Data Automatically

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Optimize Images & Information

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Validate & Correct Data

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Exchange Information Electronically

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Enhance Productivity & Efficiency



From scanning to harvesting data from a form, iCapture has following extensive features that make it a robust capture tool:

  • Extraction - Automatic extraction of data from images of all types

  • Accuracy -Highly accurate product leading to enhanced quality of information and indexing

  • Classification -Accurately classify different form types into various categories

  • Automation -Sophisticated image pre-processing and accelerated business processes, through automation

  • Validation -Validate data and correct, if required for processing

  • Output -Information captured can be extracted to any desired format (837, CSV, etc.)

  • Rules Engine -Rule base is the knowledge representation layer of iCapture that helps in data extraction and correction

  • Optimization -Enhance visual quality of image for accurate data capture

  • Compliance -Ability to keep information secured through electronic exchange of information.

  • Operating Costs -Lower operating costs driven by automation and productivity


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