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Ezee dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the health of an organization on a day-to-day basis. In this data driven age, there is so much information from so many sources that it is easy to lose sight of the larger picture when looking at the data. Ezee dashboard helps the management and other functional leads access key metrics that are critical in driving the business forward.

Dashboard technology enhances decision-making by improving individual, team and organizational performance by empowering employees with the most relevant information

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Ezee dashboard lets you visualize Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data for your organization at a glance. The tool has the following functionality:


  • Customization - Users can customize the view as per their requirement and priority

  • Visibility - Great visibility and insight for better management

  • All-in-One - Single comprehensive source for all information

  • Drill Down - Ability to drill down deeper for granular information

  • Intuitive - Designed to be intuitive with contemporary graphics allowing smooth navigation

  • Mobile Accessible - Programmed to suit any mobile device

  • Hosting - "Cloud-based" and "On-premise hosting" deployment options

  • Compliance - Reduction of effort in enforcing regulatory compliance

  • Productivity - Visual display of effort helps drive better productivity

  • Client Response - Ready information facilitates better & faster response to clients



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